SHORT & SWEET: To inspire and empower through the craft of wood fired baking.

MISSION: Smoke Signals is a small, wood fired bakery specializing in workshops and small scale, experimental baking. Acting as a bridge between home bakers and the professional world, our aim is to provide learning experiences that foster personal growth through a creative and technical understanding of baking. We accomplish this through facilitating an educational environment where participants are encouraged to ask questions, share life experiences and make connections while baking together. We seek to improve the future of food one loaf at a time.

OUR MOTTO: Bake + Gather + Share

 THE PLACE: We are located in the Walnut community within Marshall, North Carolina. Marshall's town slogans include "proud of our past and excited by our future" and "tradition, creativity and community." It's a modern village where the pursuits of agriculture, art and honest living collide with rural mountain life and all it's various challenges and charms. Smoke Signals found a home here in the Fall of 2013 and is the third baking project to hold the space. Prior to us hanging our shingle, it was occupied by Farm & Sparrow and was founded in 1998 by Jennifer Lapidus who operated the pioneering Natural Bridge Bakery. We are excited to use what was once a daily production bakery as a classroom for bakers from all walks for life. 

THE OVEN: We use a traditional, wood fired, Alan Scott, outdoor oven for all our baking needs. Baking with fire ignites a primal connection in our bodies through which we tap into our intuition surrounding nutrition, our environment and those around us. Continually inspired by the work of Alan Scott, we hold his words near: "There is a growing need to encourage the family and community baker/ nurturer...this growing knowledge  and the skills to implement it will add to our ability to serve our families, friends and community."